Privacy Policy

1.Declaration of Personal Information Protection 
Step up lady LLC. (hereafter referred to as “Our Company”), upon providing members with safe, secure and reliable service, makes efforts to appropriately protect every personal information of our members (hereafter referred to as Personal Information)by establishing regulations regarding the handling of Personal Information. 

2.Basic policy of Personal Information protection 
(1) Our Company abide by Japan’s Personal Information Protection Act as well as the provisions of Telecommunications Business Law related to secrecy of communication and other related laws and regulations.
(2) Our Company abide by the Guidelines for Personal Information Protection in Telecommunication Business. 
(3) At our company, all handled Personal Information are appropriately managed.
(4) Responding to that trust, every individual engaged in business operations at Our Company must protect all kinds of Personal Information, including that of our members.
(5) To prevent illegal access to information, loss, disruption, falsification and disclosure, etc. of information, we will take necessary and appropriate safety management measures as well as make constant effort to improve them. 


3. Regarding the handling of Personal Information 
(1) Specification of the Purpose of Utilization
In Our Company, acquired members’ Personal Information including names, addresses and phone numbers is used for the following purposes.
Personal Information is used for: Our Company’s offer of service; member identity verification; request of service charge; response to inquiries; notification of service changes, suspension and abolition; notification of other services offered by Our Company and guidelines for all kinds of events or campaigns.
(2) Disclosure of Personal Information
In case of requests from members for the disclosure of Personal Information involving themselves, or in case of members’ request for content revision, etc., we will promptly correspond upon identity verification.
(3) Utilization and provision of Personal Information
We acquire personal Information of our customers within necessary limit for service provision, we utilize or provide it within the limit of acquisition purposes.
(4) Provision to a third party
As well as utilizing Personal Information within the limit of acquisition purposes, Our Company manage it with appropriate methods, unless we obtain approval from the provider of Personal Information for those purposes of utilization, we will not disclose or provide Personal Information for a third party. However, the aforementioned restriction will not be applied in case of disclosure request by government institutions including administration and police, as well as in case Our Company determine that it is necessary to protect human life, body and property. 

4. Inquiries of Personal Information 
For inquiries regarding the handling of Personal Information possessed by Our Company, please see below.


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